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Exciting summer holiday in Völs am Schlern

Exciting summer holiday in Völs am SchlernIn summer, everything is a possibility in Völs am Schlern . The farm’s ideal location means that all the key destinations in the region are easy to access.The summer months are your chance to go on unique walks of discovery through the natural world. The many paths around Völs cater for all abilities. That means you can saunter at leisure, go on more strenuous hikes in the mountains or even try climbing. Experienced guides are available to help make your holiday dreams in Völs am Schlern a reality.

Schloss Prösels

Schloss PröselsClose to our Zolthof farm is the famous Schloss Prösel, the seat of the former rulers of the area, the Lords of Völs. The late gothic stately home is one of the most popular attractions in the area. Alongside tours, there are numerous events there including concerts and theatre performances. The highlight of the summer is the “Schlern International Music Festival”, which delights visitors every year in July.

Summer bathing on holiday on the farm

Summer bathing on holiday on the farmOn hot summer days there is nothing nicer than a refreshing swim. The Völser Weiher is one of the cleanest and most beautiful bathing lakes in Italy. A real treat is taking a rowing boat round the impressive faces of the Schlern.

A special trip out

There is nothing like paragliding if you want to try something extra special. Along with a tandem pilot, you glide over the Dolomites and all its beauty.
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